Outages in our electrical grid is often a cause of customer dissatisfaction for our customers and are a source of revenue loss for the company. Hence, to reduce outages, it is necessary to reduce response time to the outages so that restoration is as fast as possible. Hence, to reduce these outages, Outage Management System (OMS) has been brought in with the objective of enhancing customer satisfaction and reduce revenue loss. There were many OMS products in the market but either they did not meet our requirement or required high capex. Hence, the digital team at IPCL designed a cost effective solution which is being implemented. With this, IPCL becomes the first Discom in India to design its own OMS from scratch. The solution captures data from IOT devices and smart meters installed in the network and uses them to make technical team monitor them. It also alerts them in cases of outages. The solution captures data on a real-time from the meter at each point, throughout the network and pulls in data to a central data repository, which is integrated with a real-time dashboard for operations/control room team, which shows the following real-time statistics from the Feeder to the Last Consumer in the chain, The Dashboard built on a GIS map and each asset tagged with Geographic Latitude and Longitude helps the Operations team with the following information such as Network asset identification and location on GIS Map, Identification of Impacted Consumers, Load analysis of each Distribution Transformer, Load flow analysis in real-time between source , Distribution and Consumption points, Immediate Identification of areas of concern ( deviation of defined threshold limits), Immediate identification of failure or faults, Notify or alert the Linesman / concerned team for fault and deviation, Keep the Field teams connected via Mobile Application using collaboration as video call & Messaging and finally Create a Knowledge repository of solution provided for future reference storing the case history.