IPCL has adopted SAP as its core ERP system for over a decade. We continued the SAP journey and further enhanced the consumer experience last year by introducing web portal and consumer mobile apps integrated with SAP. This allowed Consumers to get his/her meter data, commercial information etc. on their finger tips. Operational team at IPCL too benefitted since they too get real time information. SAP integrated online payment collections options were introduced which allowed real time sync on consumer ledger thus enhancing consumer experience. For billing requirement, IPCL uses SAP IS-Utility software. This too was further strengthened using our maker checker process resulting in more robust roll matrix which help business to run error free environment and ensure compliance effectively. Stock reservation process was introduced this year which help business to monitor each item of stock in more effective way. It helps business to control over stock utilization. Introduced E-procurement platform to make procurement process automation. Integrated with SAP to flow data from SAP to the procurement platform without human intervention to make procurement process faster in turn help business to reduce the procurement cycle. To make different business process faster and get decisions quickly introduced different automated reports from SAP. These reports are generated to the leadership team which help them to monitor business very effectively and provide their decision faster.