Smart Meter Offering from IPCL

IPCL has been one of the early adopters of digital transformation in utility sector. In its efforts to convert its grid to smart grid, it has adopted smart meter solutions with consumers, IOT devices in its distribution transformers (DT) and even 3 phase smart meters in its grid, SCADA  etc. To build on such implementations, it further implemented business intelligence solutions and developed its own outage and power quality management systems. While implementing such solutions, it has developed capability and knowhow to help the entire utility sector in the country to reap the benefits of digitalization.


Such deployments are essential for reducing losses of over 30% in several state utilities to the target of 15%. Also, Reduction in AT&C loss shall help arrest yearly leakage of state utilities by USD 8-10 billion on an yearly basis.40 GW of rooftop solar installation is planned by 2022 and smar meters can play a crucial role in net-metering.


Our country is in the process of implementing 250 million smart meters in the next few years. To contribute in this effort, IPCL has come forward with its in-house developed expertise to help the entire utility sector to achieve this goal.


IPCL not only has plans to convert all its consumers to smart meters, it has also bagged a contract through competitive bidding to implement 350,000 smart meters in five towns – Ujjain, Ratlam, Dewas, Khargone and Mhow – in Madhya Pradesh. 

In implementing such a solution, it has been a single window implementor covering :

  • Consumer Indexing.
  • Smart Pre-paid and post paid meter deployment.
  • O&M Services for 5 years.
  • Developement of Master Control Center and Mini Control Centers.


IPCL also offers Data Analytics solution using smart meter data which can benefit consumers & discom and take customer experience to the next level.