India Power Corporation Limited, has been in the distribution business for more than a century now. It is one of the oldest, reliable, service oriented and customer friendly with a competitive pricing structure. IPCL serves various consumer segments ranging from Govt establishments, Industrial houses, Railways to domestic consumers spread across an area spanning 798 sq. kms. across Asansol Raniganj belt in West Bengal, India. The Company maintains one of the lowest T&D losses in the country which hovers around 3% despite its accelerated growth in LT business over the last couple of years, which is lower than the national benchmark, by continuously improving its operational efficiency. This has been achieved through a multi-pronged approach by maintaining better HT/LT ratio, HVDS layouts, multiple power sourcing points, IT interventions through Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Internet of Things (IoT) & Smart Metering based DT and PT monitoring, ongoing effort to digitize the consumer end-to-end, thereby operating on a near real time data to define, monitor, achieve, improve and control on the operational parameters thereby enhancing reliability and effectiveness of power supply.