To fulfil some of the operational needs, ready solutions are not easily available, IPCL has many custom built platform to bring in efficiency to the operational processes. Most of these processes were built around SAP.
Few critical and notable applications introduced lately are as below :
1. Project Management System & Ticketing System for Specialized jobs:  IPCL has deployed a cloud based project management system on SAAS (Software as a Service) mode for tracking its resources, time and money for its ongoing project which is helping the team on ground to eliminate cost and time overrun and also plan well in advance to counter any deviations.  The solution also ensures that a Ticketing System is in place to keep track of Turn Around Time (TAT) for all specialized activities where there is a need for specialized team’s intervention. The Solution is capable of handling escalation and also provides a synergy in communication via  email , chat and recording each activities for future reference
2. Smart Meter Infrastructure HES & MDMs:: IPCL has deployed its cloud based HES (Head End System) along with MDM (Meter Data Management Solution) for which the Training has already been completed to help operations team to handle to most leading end technology. This infrastructure will help Team IPCL to leverage all functionalities and facilities which can be exploited from a SMART meter, it will also help IPCL team to better manage its network and consumers. With Induction of HES, MDMS and prepaid Solution IPCL will be able to leverage the Power of integrated data exchange there by connecting all its critical IT systems to real-time meter data driven benefits such as Theft management and reduction, Automated disconnection and reconnection, Demand forecasting, Consumer & meter management, Digital interface for consumer & IPCL team with better transparency, Deploy meter agnostic network, Deploy meter agnostic of communication technology, Instant Outage and Tamper event recordings etc.
3. IPCL moves to adopt NBIoT: Narrow Band Internet of Things (NBIoT): designed towards faster communication between device and serve with a very low packet size thereby increasing communication efficiency and mobile network challenges. IPCL operates in approx. 700 Sq KM where its combination of variable terrain thereby has uneven mobile network availability and had been a challenge for IPCL to find a stable mobile network towards meter communication. IPCL started exploring alternatives of Mobile based GPRS network and has tested successfully the leading edge technology in communication (NBIoT) and will be doing a mass deployment of Smart Meters with NBIoT as communication technology towards benefit of its consumers.
4. IVRS Based Consumer Complaint Logging System:Legacy call logging process available requires a consumer to call the Customer Care centre for his complaint registration or getting to know new requirements, in the process the consumers have to wait for the consumer care executive to be free to attend the consumer and his query, which at times becomes a point of dissatisfaction for the consumer. Towards Consumer Satisfaction and helping the consumer to register his complaint with ease and do not allow the consumer to wait for his turn , IPCL has introduced IVRS based complaint logging system. The system ensures the customer gets the complaint ticket over the phone automatically as soon as a consumer is validated and he has selected the correct option for his complaint. The Automated system will also ensure 100% customer complaint registration and reduce the chances of call drops
5. SOP Portal for Engineering Dept:A SOP Portal (Standard Operating Procedure) was built for engineering and operations team to manage SOP documents related to plant operation & construction jobs so that the documents would be accessible to all users in the company. This automated the work flow which was earlier purely manual and hence brought in efficiency the system.