IPCL had bagged the prestigious project of installation of 350,000 smart meters in five towns of Madhya Pradesh near Indore from Madhya Pradesh Paschim Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Limited, Indore (“MPPKVVCL”). The project also involved consumer indexing of all 350,000 consumers.
Despite Covid 19 conditions and lockdown conditions, IPCL had made good progress in the project. It had not only completed consumer indexing of all the target consumers in record time, it overcame several difficulties to move ahead with successful installation of smart meters. As in April 2022, it has already completed installations of 150,000 smart meters while the work continues. In August 2021, IPCL completed 100% deployment of smart meters in Mhow town in Madhya Pradesh, making it the first town in India to be completely on smart meters. Billing efficiency at Mhow had improved from 70% to 95%. IPCL thanks MPPKVVCL for the cooperation in reaching this milestone for the country. All SLA conditions have been met. Since Covid restrictions have now eased, the work continues at a faster pace.
With Govt of India earmarking Rs. 22,500 Crore for installation of 25 Crore smart meters, and providing additional benefits for roll-out till December 2023, the industry itself is projected to grow at an exponential rate. Using our experience and credentials of good performance, we also look to consolidate our position in the AMI business vertical.