Since the Company has adopted SAP as its core ERP system for over a decade, it continued on the SAP journey for compliance too. In the financial year 2021 Company implemented Tax Collected at Source to the billing system which was recommended by Indirect Tax Authorities as part of compliance. Section 206C of the Income-tax act governs the goods on which the seller must collect tax from the purchasers. The seller is only responsible for the collection of this tax from the buyer. Further TDS on purchase of Goods- Section 194Q implemented. It would be the first moment in the history of income tax that TDS is levied on the procurement of products. Section 194Q of the Act would engage numerous transactions encompassing the acquisition of products under this umbrella. In SAP one customize module introduce call Materials Tracking system at end user level. Module tracks those Materials which are already issued from standard SAP system and given to operators or engineer for work. Advantage is system shows exact consumption and unused stock of materials. The SAP integrated New Service Connection portal for new consumer. The Company also introduced Phone pay as a new online payment option which allowed real time sync on consumer ledger thus enhancing consumer experience. For billing requirement, the Company uses SAP IS-Utility software and it further introduced new traction tariff and other tariff categories to facilitate the new business expansion.