India Power Corporation Limited (IPCL) engaged in Generation, Transmission and Distribution of quality Power to our esteemed consumers, will strive for continuous improvement in our occupational, health and safety performance by ensuring the health and safety of all our employees directly or indirectly engaged in our workplace and protecting the environment. India Power Corporation Committed to:

  • Ensure a clean, green and safe working environment.
  • Maintaining Zero accidents, preventing hazards, minimizing risk in all our activities.
  • Periodically monitoring the occupational health parameters of our employees
  • Operate and maintain its facilities as per the best practices available to ensure safety of public, employees, plant and equipment.
  • Compliance of all applicable, legal and regulatory requirements prescribed under various Act and Rules.
  • Continuous monitoring and effectively manage air emission, effluents and solid waste.
  • Carry out safety audits on regular basis to ensure that systems are in place, updated and followed.
  • Impart training, retraining and motivate all our employees directly or indirectly engaged in our business processes and make them responsible for our EHS performance.
  • Provide and maintain a safe and sustainable workplace with necessary safety measure and ensure safe working methods all the time.
  • Delegates power to employees to implement the policy of the company Occupational Health and Safety.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Indiapower is an equal opportunities employer. we do not discriminate on grounds of age, gender, colour, race, ethnicity, language, caste, creed, economic or social status or disability. we recognize that having a workforce that broadly reflects the composition of the local communities in which we operate places us in a unique position to understand and respond to the needs of our customers. we thus use diversity as a competitive differentiator, both in employment and in customer markets.


IOT has been a proven technology in many sectors and power sector is no exception. Various parts of power sector like – Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Renewables etc. have all benefitted from adoption of IOT. Hence, IPCL has leveraged these benefits and adopted IOT in it distribution network. For us, measuring and monitoring the performance of assets such as Transformers are of utmost importance. Gathering some crucial information about transformers like load, temperature etc. on real time basis (or at least on a frequent basis) can make several decision making process faster and efficient.