IPCL aims to become smart utility and has become so to a large extent. It started with our customers where we switched from old analog meters to smart meters. To have better control over our network, we have implemented SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) in our distribution business. To monitor its distribution transformers, IPCL installed smart meters and IOT devices which sends data to cloud so that engineers can see the parameters almost at real time. This has reduced outages significantly thus benefitting our customers. IPCL has implemented technical architecture to bring all disparate data to a single repository so that automated and intelligent reporting has become possible. This has made decision makers to see reports and quickly react. We even have automated reports sent to stakeholders every morning. The architecture also allows different smart meter clouds to send data to the single repository thus enriching reporting systems in the company. Similarly, many reporting systems have been revamped and automated. IPCL is climbing up the maturity ladder to handle its data more efficiently. Going forward, customers will get SMS of any outage and get their power usage patterns on their mobile phones. We at IPCL are digitally linking the entire network from feeder to customer.