IPCL has adopted Business Intelligent (BI) form of reporting system across all levels. For this, it has adopted Tableau, one of the best BI tool in the world in the Company. Further, it has automated all such BI reports at different times in the day to different stakeholders. Hence, the users no longer ask to reports to work on. They get it automatically and know where we stand every day. This has eliminated countless hours in preparing reports and benefitted the company operationally. To develop BI reporting, a technical architecture was implemented by IPCL making it among the first few in the country in power sector to do so.

Some of such reports being generated are Commercial and Technical Dashboards for Management & Business Users, Specific KPI Dashboard for Business Head to monitor day to day business activity, Inventory Dashboard for IPCL procurement team. Stock Consumption pattern monthly and weekly, Consumer Complaint Dashboard for Business Development team to monitor all types of complaints raised by consumers, Outage Management Dashboard for SBU’s Leads and other stakeholders, HT Interruption report to view interruption for Key Consumers (CD>500 KvA), DT Dashboard to view transformers peak load, Oil Temperature, Phase balance etc. Feeder Performance Report for Respective Feeder Managers, Customized Outage report for IPCL Regulatory team etc. This has even helped in timely report to West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission (WBERC).