Digital Security is an important aspect at IPCL and several steps have been taken to ensure data security in the IPCL network. All incoming and outgoing network traffic are monitored and controlled through a modern Firewall with defined web and application protection policies. Accesses to internet are restricted only for domain authenticated users which is SSO (Single-Sign-On) based. Users can access resources remotely only through VPN (Virtual Private Network) as per the requirement and duly authorized. All the Laptop/Desktop/Server have antivirus application protection system which prevent, detect and remove malware like viruses, worms, spyware etc. Every laptop/desktop critical data are put under automatic data back up system using Google tool.

All the systems and applications have password policies enforced. Mail accesses in handheld device are allowed through device policy. Critical applications like SAP, Website & Customer Portal are hosted in data centres of AWS and TCL which have Multi-Tier Cloud Security. Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) is conducted once in a year by security experts and its findings are attended to, to mitigate any risk. Due to the steps taken above, we are pleased to note that in 2019-20, we did not have any security incident.

To sum it all, we are on our way to become a digital IPCL in line with Digital India plan of the country.