Limitless Horizon - A Digital Journey

To brace the global digital advancement, India Power has also designed an unique umbrella program called” Limitless Horizons-Building a Digital Workforce”. This  umbrella is created to  expand learning, capability building initiatives and  Quality improvement Projects through various virtual mediums.

We are today in what is called ”Phygital” workplace. Hence, it is important to shape our virtual interactions to build a digital ready workforce. To continue enabling and delivering value-creating efforts, we now have the opportunity to adapt workplace learning and engagement programs and their digital delivery.

We are creating avenues for learning and engaging the team for employees of Kolkata and Asansol alongside their business and functional deliverables.


Powered by Employwise (Digitized Employee Self Service platform to manage employee life cycle) & Empowergenie (e-talent management).

Employee Self Service Platforms

A tool to facilitate workforce transformation by providing a 360 degree view of existing workforce capabilities and their subsequent transition, growth and deployment in the organization through Transformation Workforce Metrics.

User-friendly platform to manage life cycle of employees.