Aims to radically transform the organization through implementation of 5S+2S

My Place My Pride-5S plus 2S @ India Power

A place for everything, and everything in its place.” 
The ever-changing environment mandates us as a growing organization to work on three macro business imperatives-safe place to work, cost must be rationalized/optimized and waste must be eliminated. Thus the need of 5S plus 2S @ India Power.
5S is a Japanese concept on creating better work environment through systematic approach. It Involves work place organization and better house keeping standards. 5S refers to five steps-sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain(also known as 5 pillars of workplace). We at India Power believe that Safe and Healthy Environment is of paramount importance.
“My Place My Pride-5S plus 2S (Safety & Swasthya) @ India Power”
Is being implemented to create a clean, beautiful, safe, organized and efficient work environment.

Aims to radically transform the organization through implementation of Kaizen-Zero Investment & Improvement

Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of processes and operations by involving all employees.

Continuous improvement is a result of continuous innovation that leads to the gradual evolution of activities by adopting best practices of innovation.

With 5S implementation we have already started the journey of continuous improvement.
We have embraced Zero Investment Improvement (ZII) & Innovation a way of life @India Power.