Opportunities @ India Power


India Power’s journey over the past century has been a significant one with a number of success stories and various celebrations.

India Power owes its burgeoning Success Story to its highly talented pool of human assets who have strived incessantly to redefine the standard of excellence through unparalleled hard-work and unmatched determination. We believe in providing employees with a strong sense of ownership, integrity and belongingness, we support employee empowerment, imagination and resourcefulness resulting in high morale and performance.

We are revered across the industry for our high level of integrity and human values and we strongly promote a culture of empowerment, trust, care and open communication.
Known for its incredible line of Leadership, the organization is blessed with Business Visionaries who are committed towards nurturing world-class talent and developing future leaders who shall in turn lead the creation of value for the nation.

Over the years, people have grown and evolved with the organization and has been bestowed with the best of rewards, accolades, compensation and benefits.

We at India Power believe that excellence is not a destination but a journey of continuous improvement and in our constant pursuit to attain excellence and beyond, we have built a culture of meritocracy which is the driving force behind our transformational success.


We would like everyone to be aware that India Power never requires applicants to pay any amount in any form or for any purpose at any stage of its recruitment and selection process. If any job aspirant comes across any such unauthorised demand, he or she can immediately contact us at : career@indiapower.com