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FFPCA & APR 2013-14

 Gist of publication on 25th November 2016

 FPPCA Petition 2013-14 submitted on 09.09.2014

 APR Petition 2013-14 submitted on 02.01.2015

 Additional information /data submitted by IPCL to WBERC

APR 2012-13

 Gist of APR Application for the year 2012-13 (published on 27-05-16)

 Main Petition with Writeup

 Forms & Annexures for APR FY2012-13

 Correspondences with Hon'ble WBER

Multi Year Tariff

 Letter from Hon'ble WBERC regarding Approved Gist of MYT Order

 Gist as published in newspapers on 16.03.2017

 IPCL MYT Order for 2014-15 to 2016-17 dated 21.07.2016

 IMYT Review Order dated 17.02.2017

 Gist of Tariff Applications for the year 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17(published on 23.01.2016)

Tariff Application

 Main Petition with Writeup

All Correspondence with WBERC

 Correspondence Letters - A

 Correspondence Letters - B


 A(Pages 1 to 153)

 B(Pages 154 to 195)

 C(Pages 196 to 251)

 D(Pages 252 to 297)

 E(Pages 298 to 349)

 F(Pages 350 to 397)

Multi Year Tariff Order 2013-14

 Multi Year Tariff Order 2013-14

MYT Order Review Petition

MYT Order Review Petition

MYT Order 2014-15 to 2016-17-AK

MYT Order Review petition balance filing fees

Letter from WBERC for publication of gist of MYT Order Review petition-05.01.2017

IPCL MYT Notice 6-1-17 R1

Application for Approval of PPA between IPCL & IPC(H)L

WBERC Letter with approved Gist dated 24.04.2017

Approved Gist

IPCL gist of Application as published in newspapers

Petition submitted on 28.04.2016

Annexure-1 : MOU

Annexure-2 : LT PPA Part-1

Annexure-2 : LT PPA Part-2

IPCL letter dated 19.12.2016

IPCL letter dated 23.02.2017

IPCL letter dated 29.03.2017

IPCL letter dated 03.04.2017

IPCL letter dated 11.04.2017

Application for grant of Distribution License for Purba Medinipur

Gist of IPCL's Distribution License Application for Purba Medinipur District (published on 01.01.2016)

Application (Petition)

Part-I -Page 1 to 125

Part-II -Page 126 to 245

Part-III -Page 246 to 380

Part-IV -Page 381 to 507

Investment Clearance Petition (Pandabeswar Project)

Application for in-principle clearance from the Hon'ble Commission for const of 3-phase ,132 KV double circuit Transmission line from J.K.Nagar to Railway Traction Feeding point at Pandabeswar.

Gist of publication dated 17th March 2018

Letter dated 12.02.2018

Letter dated 15.11.2017

Letter dated 07.08.2017

Letter dated 02.06.2017

Letter dated 01.06.2017

Letter dated 11.05.2017

Letter dated 09.01.2017

Letter dated 15.06.2016

Application dated 10.06.2016

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Application Form For Consumer HT

Application Form For Consumer LT

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Bank Guarantee Format

Corporate Policies of IPC(B)L

Corporate Policies